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Thank you for registering! All students will be provided with a "hard" hat and passalong CD at the first day of VBS, and we hope the child/ren will wear the hat everyday during their time at VBS to enhance the team spirit! Remember our closing celebration will be held on Friday July 29th at 11:30am. With coffee/juice and a light lunch to follow for students and parents. 

To ensure a safe and secure environment we will be using a digital check-in/check-out process, to help verify the right person is picking up the right child. 

Check in 8:30am-9am. No check in prior to 8:30am. Please be punctual for pick up.

This event is not currently accepting registrations.

We found some errors when you submitted your information. Please see below and fill in the information needed.

VBS with Purpose

At Concordia Publishing House (CPH), we don’t need fairy tales to make VBS fun. God’s Word stands alone with real stories about real people.

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The Concordia Publishing House VBS Team is here to help Monday through Friday.


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