Boys Survival Camp 2019

Friday, July 26, 2019 to Monday, July 29, 2019
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
NorthLife Fellowship Baptist Church

Boys Survival Camp 2019

NorthLife Fellowship Baptist Church

Vacation Bible School 

Boys Survival Camp - 2019 - July 26th to July 29th.  

Please Call: 780-743-3747 if you have any questions 

$50.00 non refundable registration covers the cost of food 

You will spend 4 days & 3 nights doing the following: 

Setting up camp

Building and starting fires

Preparing and cooking your own food

Learning how to properly use a knife

Water purification 

Digging latrines

Building your own shelter to sleep in on the last night 

You will pack minimal gear 




2 weeks before camp there will be a MANDATORY MEETING - WEDNESDAY - JULY 10th at 7 pm. at NorthLife Fellowship Baptist Church -  that must be attended by 1 parent/guardian and the child that is going.  This will be to fill out all permission forms, medical information, and to discuss what will happen on this weekend.  Everyone must attend in order to go. 

If you are a parent and you wish to volunteer to go as a chaperone on this trip, please phone 780-743-3747 to request that you attend. ONLY MALE CHAPERONES will be allowed to attend. The cost is $50.00 for food. 

Each day your son will be experiencing outdoor life, while learning survival skills that make minimum impact on the environment. This camp not only helps them grow in knowledge and skills, but to grow as young men.  Each day they will participate in Bible Lessons geared towards helping them be the men that God wants them to be.  Parents if you are attending as a chaperone, we expect nothing less from you, and to set the example for your son while on this trip with them. All rules that apply to the son, also apply to the parents. 

Event Location

NorthLife Fellowship Baptist Church

Event Contact Information

Karen Sturgis
Childrens Ministry Director
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