Simple Tools for Event Management

Easy, time saving, and FREE event organization system to digitally create, oversee, and share your event.

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Use the event builder to create a custom website that will allow you to distribute information about your event and makes registration easy for parents and volunteers.


Sign up, gather information, and prepare groups. Utilize tools that help you to keep track and prepare for students. Sign-up makes it easy to get accurate, consistent information directly from parents and to follow up with families.


Organize your volunteers and assign them to roles. Get the feedback you need from volunteers to make improvements and continue with what works!


Generate quick rosters, summaries, and emergency information to distribute to leaders and make sign-in smooth. Use this information to make custom reports tailored to your event’s needs.

Promo Tools

Share your event with your church and community by using these free downloadable resources. These tools make it easy to find relevent materials for your event.

VBS with Purpose

At Concordia Publishing House (CPH), we don’t need fairy tales to make VBS fun. God’s Word stands alone with real stories about real people.

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The Concordia Publishing House VBS Team is here to help Monday through Friday.


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